Enter anything you want in the “search” field on the top right. If you can’t find it, there is another “search” just below the site title. You can enter a song, an artist, beginner, intermediate, etc., anything you want. Up will pop a variety of songs that match your search. If there are more songs or albums available, you will see a box at the bottom of the list that says “See More”.

What do I put in the Search Field

Try artist name or song name. Try this “piano, violin” and get a list of all pieces with violins and piano in the description of the sheet music. Or try this “cello, clarinet, violin” and get a list of all pieces with these words in the description of the sheet music. Some search's are pre-made for you in the top drop-down section. Some, you have to make up on your own.

This site is very simple

Yes it is, by design. It’s geared to match the fact that many people buy their sheet music on their phone and play it on an iPad like device. All the sheet music is digital, so you can print and play it like normal, or you can store it in a folder that is uploaded to your iPad like device, or you can do both.

what to do if sheet music does not download

You should see an email sent to you with a link to the purchased song. Contact us immediately if your purchased sheet music fails to download.

what type of paper do I print on

Do not use standard printer paper. It is too thin and will fold over as you play. We use heavier paper in the 60-70 lb range.  Put in a few pieces, print the sheet music, then take the paper out. You can then replace it with your standard printer paper. You can get this paper locally at your office supply store or order it online from Amazon.

I can't find what I am looking for

Check to make sure you spelled the name of the artist or the name of the song properly in our search box. If you did, then it is possible that we do not have the music you are looking for. We are constantly updating our list of artists so check back often or enter your email on our notify box. You can also send an email via the contact link below to suggest an artist we should be reaching out to.

What App will Display my sheet music on an IPAd or similar device

The App store has many apps that will organize your sheet music and display them on your phone or ipad device. You can get apps from the android store too. We don't have a specific recommendation but there are many to choose from. We know that tablets are changing the way musicians are displaying their music.

The apps have become more expensive, but relax, you only need to have one and you will use it all the time. Find one you like and go to their web site. We use

do you sell anything else

We just sell sheet music. We do not sell CD's or audio in any format.